pageroute 5.x 1.0 and the new subform element module

Submitted by fago on Thu, 03/29/2007 - 21:13
I'm happy to announce the pageroute 5.x 1.0 release. There were quite some changes since the first 5.x compatible release 0.9, so have a look at the release notes!. You might have noticed, that I've created a new project: Subform Element. It's an API module, so just install it if another module tells you to do so - or of course if you are a developer. In short it provides a new form element type, that can be used by other modules. This form element allows you to reuse existing forms inside your form! I had developed it for pageroute, so as an affect pageroute depends on this module now.

Pageroute Nodefamily

Furthermore I've started with another new module: Pageroute Nodefamily. It's still under development, but it provides already some useful functionality. Currently this module allows you to associate a pageroute with a content type. Then the associated pageroute will be used for editing nodes of this content type. So if this is useful for you, you can already use this module for that. In future this module will create node relations for all nodes created within the pageroute. This way it will build "nodefamilies", families of nodes. The node of the content type associated with the pageroute will be the head of the family, holding all nodes together. Once created, the nodefamily could be edited with the associated pageroute. That's the idea, hopefully I've the time to finish it soon...

pageroute for 5.x released!

Submitted by fago on Mon, 03/19/2007 - 14:48
I've just released the first 5.x compatible pageroute release! The 5.x version has been substantially improved! I've rewritten huge parts of the module for 5.x. Now it's powered by a new API that makes contributing own page types for developers a lot easier! There are also some new features since 4.7.x:
  • The node edit page type deals now better with node deletion. Deleting a node is now possible without loosing the route!
  • Page type documentation is now displayed at the administrative page add/edit pages too!
  • The whole documentation has been updated / rewritten!
  • Don't forget reading UPGRADE.txt if you are updating from 4.7.x!
  • There is a new page type included with pageroute: The 'user edit form' page type, which makes even integration with the core profile module possible! However this is still experimental so read its help text!
Then there are two important issues open, which show the future of pageroute:
  • Integrate with nodefamily, so that a pageroute can be used for creating and editing whole nodefamilies! issue
  • Integrate with the states module from workflow-ng, for tracking users' progress in a route.
I'll start working on the states module integration soon, however first I have to write the states module ;)

subforms: easy form reusing

Submitted by fago on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 23:56
drupal 5.x allows one to programmatically submit forms. So wouldn't it be neat to reuse whole forms? This is what the subform form-element allows you to do. So you can build forms that reuse existing forms while you extend them with further form items. Note that form reusing means not only reusing the visual representation, but also the validation and submit logic. First I've implemented this for pageroute, as pageroute reuses a lot of existing forms. As it's also useful for other modules, I've created an own project for it. I had already a prototype for 4.7, but it had some drawbacks. The actual code for 5.x is much better, it handles validation and submitting of subforms correctly, so the subform will only be submitted if the main-form has also no validation errors. How to use it? All one needs to do, is to create a form element of the #type 'subform'. It needs the form_id as parameter (#id) and optionally it takes also #arguments, which will be passed to the form function. Then unfortunately one has to define an additional submit handler (subform_element_submit), which cares for submitting the subforms (if the validation was fine). Of course this handler could also be called from an already existing submit handler. ok, let's show a short usage example.
<?php function subform_test_form($node, $page) {
//this will present a full working node edit form
$form['node'] = array(
'#type' =?>
    '#id' =&gt; $node-&gt;type .'_node_form',
    '#arguments' =&gt; array($node),
  //this sets the subform submit handler
  $form['#submit']['subform_element_submit'] = array();

  return $form;
So this will create a fully working node form for you! Note: Now there is an own subform element project and a documentation page in the handbook, which contains another example.

more pageroute documentation and 4.7 releases

Submitted by fago on Sun, 10/29/2006 - 21:02
I added more documentation to the pageroute module. Update your nodefamily and pageroute modules! You can find it in the documentation area of your drupal installation ('admin/help') if you have the help module activated. Now I'm considering all really necessary documentation as complete :) So I've finally tagged all the nodeprofile modules with DRUPAL-4-7!

use pageroute to build node previews & the future

Submitted by fago on Fri, 09/29/2006 - 14:42
In the last days I've committed some new features to the pageroute & nodefamily modules. Now the nodefamily module comes with another new page-type for pageroute: the lonely node display This page-type will display the node of the configured content-type. This can be used to make an extra page, which acts like a kind of preview. It isn't really a preview, as the node is already stored, but it can be used to present the results to the user.

workflow, pageroute & usernode - track users through pageroutes

Submitted by fago on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 22:11
I've just started the development of a new module: pageroute_workflow This module creates a workflow for a pageroute and uses it to track users. The module will automatically track how far a user has gone through the pageroute using the automatically created workflow. It sets the appropriate state to the usernode. So you can just track how far a user has gone through a pageroute or you can also react with actions on it. Applied to a nodeprofile this may be used to send automatic thank you mails to users, which have just finished filling out their profile.

major pageroute update, status

Submitted by fago on Tue, 08/15/2006 - 23:25
I've just committed a major update to the pageroute module. I've reorganized the page types and created a new one: the node management type. The node management page allows one to add/edit/delete nodes from a configurable content type. It shows a themeable list of already created nodes and allows editing and deleting if the user has access. The node management page type was the last important piece missing for nodeprofiles: A userfriendly way to create several nodes of the same type.