pageroute 5.x 1.0 and the new subform element module

Submitted by fago on Thu, 03/29/2007 - 21:13
I'm happy to announce the pageroute 5.x 1.0 release. There were quite some changes since the first 5.x compatible release 0.9, so have a look at the release notes!. You might have noticed, that I've created a new project: Subform Element. It's an API module, so just install it if another module tells you to do so - or of course if you are a developer. In short it provides a new form element type, that can be used by other modules. This form element allows you to reuse existing forms inside your form! I had developed it for pageroute, so as an affect pageroute depends on this module now.

Pageroute Nodefamily

Furthermore I've started with another new module: Pageroute Nodefamily. It's still under development, but it provides already some useful functionality. Currently this module allows you to associate a pageroute with a content type. Then the associated pageroute will be used for editing nodes of this content type. So if this is useful for you, you can already use this module for that. In future this module will create node relations for all nodes created within the pageroute. This way it will build "nodefamilies", families of nodes. The node of the content type associated with the pageroute will be the head of the family, holding all nodes together. Once created, the nodefamily could be edited with the associated pageroute. That's the idea, hopefully I've the time to finish it soon...