About me

Wolfgang Ziegler // fago is a web developer from Vienna, Austria.


As Wolfgang is an advocate of free and open source software (FOSS), he occasionally contributed to open source projects like the Linux kernel or SysCP. His today's focus lies in developing for Drupal, i.e. improving its base system and working on the Rules extension module, which utilizes Event-Condition-Action rules to enable users to specify reactions on a high-level.


Back in 2005, Wolfgang Ziegler started working on Absolventen.at beside his studies in Computer Science. Today, Absolventen.at is a major Austrian career platform, which at that time has been founded by the young start-up Pro.Karriere. As Drupal was the system of choice, Wolfgang and his brother Christian started getting more and more into Drupal by building and improving the site.
In 2006 Wolfgang Ziegler participated in Google's Summer of Code program, in which he developed the Node Profile extension module. Since then, he actively contributed Drupal modules like Fieldgroup, Automatic nodetitles, Content Access or the Node profile successors Content Profile (Drupal 6) and Profile 2 (Drupal 7).
Beside that, Wolfgang come up with the idea of using Event-Condition-Action rules for building flexible site-workflows and therefor created the Workflow-ng module - the predecessor of the Rules module. As it turned out that rules are generally a great tool for Drupal site building, Wolfgang continuously works on improving the module. Fortunately, he managed to carry the idea further with his master thesis, Event-Condition-Action rules for distributed content management. During the work on his thesis, Wolfgang got more involved in strengthening Drupal's core APIs, so he became co-Maintainer of Drupal's "forms" sub-system (aka Form API) and started working on the Entity API module.

Fostering Drupal in Austria

To bring folks interested in Drupal together Wolfgang and his brother Christian started organizing periodical Drupal meet-ups in Vienna. Unfortunately there was not much interest back in the early days, but with the time Drupal became more popular in Austria, so more and more people got involved and the Austrian Drupal community emerged. In 2009 Wolfgang and others from Austrian community decided to host a first Drupal camp, the Drupalcamp Vienna 2009 which was a great success! Moreover, Drupal Austria - an association for backing and fostering Drupal in Austria has been founded for that event.


2004-2010: Studies at the Vienna University of Technologies: Software & Information Engineering (BSc), Information & Knowledge Management (MSc / Dipl.Ing.)
1998-2003: Higher technical college (HTL) for electrical engineering, Wels


2005 - 2007: Drupal developer @ zites
2007 - 2011: Development lead @ epiqo (formerly Pro.Karriere)
2011 - 2012: freelance Drupal consultant & developer
2012 - now: CEO/CTO of drunomics