pageroute for 5.x released!

Submitted by fago on Mon, 03/19/2007 - 14:48
I've just released the first 5.x compatible pageroute release! The 5.x version has been substantially improved! I've rewritten huge parts of the module for 5.x. Now it's powered by a new API that makes contributing own page types for developers a lot easier! There are also some new features since 4.7.x:
  • The node edit page type deals now better with node deletion. Deleting a node is now possible without loosing the route!
  • Page type documentation is now displayed at the administrative page add/edit pages too!
  • The whole documentation has been updated / rewritten!
  • Don't forget reading UPGRADE.txt if you are updating from 4.7.x!
  • There is a new page type included with pageroute: The 'user edit form' page type, which makes even integration with the core profile module possible! However this is still experimental so read its help text!
Then there are two important issues open, which show the future of pageroute:
  • Integrate with nodefamily, so that a pageroute can be used for creating and editing whole nodefamilies! issue
  • Integrate with the states module from workflow-ng, for tracking users' progress in a route.
I'll start working on the states module integration soon, however first I have to write the states module ;)