Wishes for the drupal 6 rules engine...

Submitted by fago on Tue, 03/11/2008 - 11:07
Actually I'm wondering what the features are that people are missing most in workflow-ng? Currently I'm starting with the 6.x port of it, the rules engine. I'll utilize this opportunity to improve the system. So if you miss anything important, let me know now! I'd also like to know your wishes! As a start, here are mine:
  • generic scheduling support
  • verbose mode, so that admins can track the execution of rules
  • support for sets of entities
  • to work with them - support for looping over these sets
  • based on that support loading arguments from views
  • basic variable support (strings, ..)
Yes, this all goes into the direction of a high level programming solution. Isn't it drupal's goal to eliminate the programmer? :) and more on the long term I'd like to see rules
  • integrate with / provide web services and
  • support a standardized import/export format perhaps something like bpel
Actually I plan to implement the first two points of the first list for the rules engine. If I have time, perhaps even more of them... Ah, and of course I'd like to see more developers contributing events, conditions and actions for rules or to the rules engine itself!

japerry@drupal.org (not verified)

Wed, 05/14/2008 - 20:05

Heya I've been working with the ubercart team, and this is a feature dearly needed for D6 conversion. I'd love to see rules work as simple as they do with the magento ecommerce system. Take a look at the admin utility here: http://demo-admin.magentocommerce.com/index.php/admin/promo_catalog/ When logged in, click on one of the rules and look at how they put in conditions and actions. This seems to make the most sense from a UI sense. Is any part of the rules engine in CVS yet? I haven't seen it posted yet. ~Jakob

ebeyrent (not verified)

Tue, 04/22/2008 - 16:30

I'd like to see integration with roles and userpoints. The userpoints_role module allows role elevation based on a user reaching a defined point threshold, but I want to be able to define rules that also must be checked in order to elevate the role. For example, in order to reach a certain role: <?php $role_extra_criteria[$role['rid']] = array( 'min_survey_score' => 80, 'min_average_rating' => 60, 'blog_count' => 50, 'forum_count' => 50, 'poll_count' => 50, 'event_count' => 50 ); ?> So, in order to elevate the role, the user has to meet all the defined criteria. I'd love to see the ability to define these kinds of rules in the engine!