Wishes for the drupal 6 rules engine...

Submitted by fago on Tue, 03/11/2008 - 11:07
Actually I'm wondering what the features are that people are missing most in workflow-ng? Currently I'm starting with the 6.x port of it, the rules engine. I'll utilize this opportunity to improve the system. So if you miss anything important, let me know now! I'd also like to know your wishes! As a start, here are mine:
  • generic scheduling support
  • verbose mode, so that admins can track the execution of rules
  • support for sets of entities
  • to work with them - support for looping over these sets
  • based on that support loading arguments from views
  • basic variable support (strings, ..)
Yes, this all goes into the direction of a high level programming solution. Isn't it drupal's goal to eliminate the programmer? :)