Workflow-ng 5.x-2.x: New features!

Submitted by fago on Sat, 01/05/2008 - 14:47
Looking at the TODO list you can see that I've recently implemented some new features for workflow-ng. The most important ones are:
  • allow cloning of configurations
  • allow ordering of configurations
  • allow actions to load further entities
  • on top of that, there is now support for loading referenced users and nodes from CCK fields
  • allow modules to conditional include their action/condition configuration forms
  • a brand new admin interface for the states module, which finally allows one to define custom state machines without coding. This machines may be e.g. used to track the state of content. Thanks GHOP and corsix for that!

What's missing

First off I have to document the API extensions, then there could be a lot more actions to load further entities. E.g. case tracker integration could offer loading an assigned user or nodeprofile loading a nodeprofile of a user.

2.x ?

Don't worry 2.x is 100% compatible with the workflow-ng 1.x API. However the new features are only in the 2.x development version. Help testing it out, so there will be soon a stable 2.0 release. Once 2.0 is out I'm going to concentrate on the 6.x port - the "Rules Engine".

Workflow-ng 1.6

I've also released workflow-ng 1.6 - a pure bugfix release. There won't be any new features in workflow-ng 1.x any more, but until 2.0 comes out it will get bug fixes.

binnyg (not verified)

Wed, 01/23/2008 - 22:16

First, I would like to thank you for such a great module, workflow-ng. I love this module as it opens doors for other module developers to integrate their work and use workflow-ng. Organic groups which is an other great module which is used to create grops and organic groups user roles is a module which combines groups to user roles to solve the authorization part of og groups. Now we need OG modules for groups and we need workflow-ng module to configure a workflow for publishing content. What is missing is security. Which user roles can act on what states in workflow in which group? There are basically three dimensions to this security model. Groups, Roles and States. I don't of any module which covers this aspect of it. I am wondering if you have plans to integrate OG with workflow-ng. If you haven't planned the integration, since I am a developer (reletively new to php), I would love to help. But ofcourse I need expert advice on how and where to start.

Indeed, that security part would be really useful. First of I would start with a usual og workflow-ng integration, make actions, conditions and events for it. Then one could go further and try to implement the access stuff. However I'm not sure what's the best way there, perhaps we could discuss that further. Anyway, if you need help with the og integration don't hesitate to ask for. The docs are a good start for sure.