Workflow-ng 5.x-2.0 BETA 1: New features want to be tested!

Submitted by fago on Sun, 02/10/2008 - 23:52
In addition to the new features which were already available for some time in worflow-ng's 2.x series, some further improvements are waiting for you!

Logging per entity

First off there is a new extension module, which is shipped with workflow-ng. It allows you to log a customize message on every support workflow-ng event for content or users. This is done by actions! For flexible display of the log messages, views support is available. So there a lot of possible use cases for this, I have to in my mind:
You could easily log certain actions of users and their buddies and list them in blocks and pages generated by views. So you can build something similar like the (really interesting) activity module!
State change log
In workflows it's often desired to have a log of state changes. E.g. if content, let's say an article goes from "needs review" to "published" this should be logged and displayed on a tab associated with the article (yes, views can do that!). Great, isn't it? Thank GHOP and corsix for that! Yes, corsix implemented the whole module in two GHOP tasks. This took him only 1 day per task, awesome!

Rules ?

Furthermore I've changed the terminology as preparation for 6.x. Configurations are now called rules. I think the term "rule" describes it very well. With 6.x the core of workflow-ng will be a separate project: the Rules Engine