Node Profile 5.x 1.1 released!

Submitted by fago on Mon, 04/30/2007 - 13:46
Thanks to the great subform element API module, which I wrote originally for pageroute, it was quite easy to implement some great new features for the node profile module, which make building simple node profiles a lot easier. So node profile 1.1 features
  • configurable user edit categories integration - edit a simple nodeprofile like a core profile
  • configurable node profile display integration on the user's (my account) page or - if used - also on the usernode
  • configurable user registration integration
  • easy integration of a nodeprofile in any theme
You can find the settings to this new features in the also new per content type node profile settings - just edit your node profile content type and click on the new "Node Profile" tab. Also note that the configurable node profile display integration doesn't only let you enable/disable the display on the user page per node profile, but it also allows you to set the display style! It's able to just print a link to the profile node as well as directly display the full node or the node's teaser on the user page. Furthermore you can also enable the display of an edit link for users with appropriate permissions - which will be rendered in a tab-like manner for the full node or the node teaser display - of course that's also customizable by theming it. All of that available display styles can be easily integrated in every template one is creating. One can easily print the whole display as it is configured and shown on the user page or one can also print only parts of it easily - if your are interested on this have a look at the README of the module. I've added some documentation to it, which shows you how this can be used. The registration integration makes it possible to easily force users to fill out their node profile. However it's only useful if it's a "global" profile, which is used by every user (role). So if you have a node profile restricted to a special user role, I'm afraid it's obviously not possible to use the user registration integration, as of course - this would apply to all users. I plan a more flexible solution by forcing users to go through a pageroute, directly after signing up. However that's still on my todo list.

Upgrade from 5.x 1.0

To upgrade from 5.x 1.0 first install the latest version of the subform element module, which is now required. If you have done that, then go and update nodeprofile to 1.1. Then it's suggested to also update to the latest nodefamily release (1.3), which is required if you want to try the new registration integration of node profile. If you are also using the usernode module, update it to get the new node profile display output printed on its default view.

raddevon (not verified)

Fri, 08/10/2007 - 22:27

I love this module. It perfectly fills a need I had for an online job application I'm working on. I would also love to be able to position the form on the user registration page. It seems that, by default, it is above the registration form that shipped with Drupal. I would like to place it below the name and username/password fields. Is there any way to accomplish this? Edit: I've solved this one on my own. It looks like there's a weight selection in the Node Profile options for the content type. That works to position it in the registration form. However, it doesn't seem to affect the display of the node on the users actual profile page. Any ideas?