workflow, pageroute & usernode - track users through pageroutes

Submitted by fago on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 22:11
I've just started the development of a new module: pageroute_workflow This module creates a workflow for a pageroute and uses it to track users. The module will automatically track how far a user has gone through the pageroute using the automatically created workflow. It sets the appropriate state to the usernode. So you can just track how far a user has gone through a pageroute or you can also react with actions on it. Applied to a nodeprofile this may be used to send automatic thank you mails to users, which have just finished filling out their profile.

usernode module

Submitted by fago on Sat, 07/08/2006 - 02:46
i started with the development of the usernode module, which cares for creating/deleting a node, whenever users are added/deleted - so other modules can rely on that a node exists for each user. it already does its job, however the views integration is still missing.