usernode module

Submitted by fago on Sat, 07/08/2006 - 02:46
i started with the development of the usernode module, which cares for creating/deleting a node, whenever users are added/deleted - so other modules can rely on that a node exists for each user. it already does its job, however the views integration is still missing. it comes with a simple content-type, which doesn't contain any data except of the connected uid. (approach A). however by changing the define at the top of the module, it's possible to use a custom contenttype for the usernodes.

approach A vs approach B

Approach B isn't really so useful as I thought first - as the usernodes are created when a user is created all fields of the usernode will be empty. If there are any required fields, it's not possible to edit the node without changing the empty fields, so editing the usernode to only tag it isn't possible. As a result approach A together with a proper relationship to further nodes will be the better solution.