Workflow-ng beta 6 & Configurable Content Links

Submitted by fago on Thu, 09/13/2007 - 13:27
I've just released workflow-ng 1.x beta6. While I would consider it already stable I'd like to add some more features before the 1.0 release. Anyway, the 1.0 release isn't far.. :)

Configurable Content Links

I've included a new extensions module, called configurable content links, short cclinks. Module description:
   This module provides configurable content links, that generate events when they are pressed.
   Optionally one can activate scheduling for a link, so that the user can set the date when the
   event will be invoked. This may be used for scheduled execution of arbitrary actions, e.g. one
   can use it to schedule the publishing of content:
   Each link can be configured to toggle between to different link labels. Thanks to the State Machine
   API the current link state is exposed to Views too. Access permissions can be controlled independently
   for each link.

   To make date selecting more user friendly, install the JS Calendar of the Javascript Tools modules 
So one can use it to just create toggling links for any content - where the the link status is available to views thanks to the states module. But much more important, it brings the "scheduling" feature to workflow-ng. So the tutorial at already shows how it can be used to schedule the publishing of content, but as it can be combined with every action there are tons of possible use cases. E.g. I plan to build "scheduled publication of node revisions" with it.

yann (not verified)

Thu, 10/04/2007 - 00:44

This module has some seriously crazy potential... One quick question though, I'm trying to use it to add a "notify users" link to all the post so that if a new post is created and/or updated, I can easily emil all registered users to let them know. It's on a case per case basis so a "notify" cc-link to click is ideal... In your module description you write: "ending customized mails notifying your users about important changes" which sounds like what I'm trying to do, but when I ada an "Send a mail to a user" action, my only options from the recipient's drop down are "content author" or "acting user," no user groups are listed... So how do I set it up to email a group? Any pointer in the right direction much appreciated! thanks...

try the action "Send a mail to an arbitrary mail address", which lets you specify a bunch of adresses to mail.

That won't work for my needs, since I would have to manually add/remove users as they register... Thanks for the reply though! (If you accept feature request, adding groups to recipients would be great ;)

you are talking about og groups? - yep, an action to mail to a group would be great...