port the nodeprofile modules to 5.x and nodefamilies

Submitted by fago on Sat, 01/20/2007 - 18:15
Drupal 5 has been already released, so it's time to port the nodeprofile modules to 5.x My current employer Pro.Karriere has now also employed jpetso, who helps me porting the modules to 5.x. So thanks to jpetso the usernode module has been already ported - just check out its 5.x development branch. So what's next?
  • port nodefamily to 5.x -ported
  • port nodeprofile to 5.x -ported
  • port views_fusion to 5.x -ported
  • port pageroute to 5.x -ported
I think pageroute might make plenty much use of the new possibilities of drupal 5.x: programmatically submitting forms. I have already some ideas for improving the API a lot. This will make it into the planned 2.0 release of pageroute for 5.x.

Nodefamilies independent from nodeprofiles

Pageroute 2.0 will also include a feature that I've already in mind for some time. Integrating pageroute further with nodefamily or in other words: nodefamilies independent from nodeprofiles. Nodefamilies will be a general user-usable mechanism to relate some nodes, where pageroute takes over providing an easy to use interface and nodefamily just keeps the relation in the background.