node relations

Submitted by fago on Wed, 06/14/2006 - 14:55
As i noted in the proposal I need a node relationship, which offers views integration. The views integration I 've in mind is that it's not only possible to display a link to a related node in a view, like it is with CCK node relations, instead it should be possible to list concrete data (e.g. CCK fields) of the related node. The relations 'll be set through my module only, so there mustn't be an admin interface... Existing relationship-stuff:

node relativity

no views integration. the "search related nodes code" and the link generation code might be interesting..

Relationship - Node Linking and Metadata

I need only one type of relation. Looks quite overpowered for my use-case, no views integration.


rough views patch available. (only generates a link) interesting relation-output method. uses UI..

do it yourself

Imho this approach would really make sense.. but that's only a draft... So it looks like there's nothing which fits 100% my needs. It seems, that I'll have to do it myself. In particular the views integration. -> I've to write a simple node-relation module..