use pageroute to build node previews & the future

Submitted by fago on Fri, 09/29/2006 - 14:42
In the last days I've committed some new features to the pageroute & nodefamily modules. Now the nodefamily module comes with another new page-type for pageroute: the lonely node display This page-type will display the node of the configured content-type. This can be used to make an extra page, which acts like a kind of preview. It isn't really a preview, as the node is already stored, but it can be used to present the results to the user. Analog to the lonely node display, the "normal" node display got also a new feature: If you set the configured nid to 0, it will display the node with the ID taken from the second argument. That's the same argument which the node edit form page type uses. So again: Together you can use them to build a kind of node preview - not limited to nodeprofiles. This will work for node creation too, as the nid of the newly created node will be appended to the path. So far so great - however, if you want to use a pageroute to create multiple nodes with different types that belong together, you need the nodefamily module. But: Currently nodefamily does only create node relations per user. This fits perfectly for nodeprofiles, but not for other nodefamilies. The solution for this would be to integrate the nodefamily module further with the pageroute module. All nodes created through the same route should get into the same nodefamily - then it should be possible to use the same route to edit the same nodefamily (= set of nodes) again. A user would be able to create and edit multiple nodefamilies. So I have the idea in my head, now only the time to do it is missing... Unfortunately it's quite a lot of work.

mwpugln (not verified)

Tue, 07/03/2007 - 21:35

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