Content Profile - the "profiles-as-nodes" base module for drupal 6!

Submitted by fago on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 11:12
I'm really happy to announce that Content Profile is going to be the common base module for "profiles-as-nodes" solutions in drupal 6.x! After a long discussion thought my efforts to join bio and node profile development were for nothing. But then the discussion continued and we were able to agree on a common base module, which avoids unnecessary code duplication and provides an API on which further extension modules may rely on. The people from FunnyMonkey started working on it and agreed with me on continuing my previous work on this topic: Content Profile :) So now as we have a decision we can concentrate on coding.. Join the content profile issue queue and participate! I've recently added views integration to it, which was straight forward thanks to the great relationship support in views 2. People knowing views fusion can relax - it's not needed any more for 6.x! Then jgraham is working on a user registration integration for content profile with field level control. Cool! I personally plan to Hopefully, we'll see further solutions building upon content profile too.. :) (not verified)

Wed, 07/23/2008 - 16:12

For a moment I though this was going to be an unwanted duplicate of Node Profile but I see you're the same guy. Why not just continue under the name "node profile"? Its more correct from a Drupal evangelist' point of view.

1. It's not the same module. It's based on some code from it, but for example it doesn't implement all its features. It's intended to be the common base for profiles-as-nodes in d6, not the node profile port. It replaces the node profile port, though. 2. I try to avoid the term "node" for users and so in the UI. I know even core is not consistent here, but at least I try to be consistent and use the term "content" now all over in my modules.

stephthegeek@d… (not verified)

Wed, 07/23/2008 - 19:50

This is great news! The profiles-as-nodes landscape is a little hard to keep on top of at times and it's awesome to hear about efforts being consolidated. Congrats and I'm looking forward to it :) Is there anything in the works with Michelle for this and Advanced Profile?

Following on from stephthegeek...I was wondering about whether this is a project that's integrated with the Advanced Profile Kit/Panels etc for profiles that Michelle has been working on...or if it is an alternative to? If it's an alternative a comparison or advantages of each system would be great. The strength of flexible layout/themeing given by panels makes it really attractive. but the whole focus on user profiles is exciting. thomas

JBI (not verified)

Thu, 07/24/2008 - 15:44

We need to install either node_profile or bio on a Drupal 5.x website. What would be the easiest migration path ? node_profile seems much more complex and have a loot of dependcy. Do you think Bio will have an easier migration path ? Thank for you great work.

rjbrown99 (not verified)

Fri, 09/26/2008 - 01:53

Stupid question. There was a field type of 'date' present for nodeprofile but the only choices for content profile on Drupal 6 are decimal, float, integer, node reference, text, and user reference. How would one create a 'birthdate' field using content profile if this is the case? Thanks in advance for the help.

Thank you very much Fago. I've been in drupal-land for a little over a week and sometimes it is difficult to figure out where specific features originate. In this case I did not understand that content profile was relying on the underlying types specified in CCK. I definitely appreciate the reply and will now continue building out my custom profile fields.

rjbrown99 (not verified)

Tue, 09/30/2008 - 20:38

I have one more question for the folks working with content profile. So far I have been very successful in configuring it for every field type I need (over 20 so far.) One of the challenges I am having so far is pulling in the 'account information' into the CCK content profile. For example, the account page has the user's registered e-mail address and telephone number. I would like to represent those two fields on the user's content profile page and allow them to edit/change them on the profile page and not the account page. Otherwise there are two pages for pretty much the same thing. Would anyone care to share how to include those two fields on the content_profile custom node page? Thanks in advance!

dorien (not verified)

Sun, 02/01/2009 - 18:13

Content profile is amazing! I use it in my ebook as the base of my user management. Together with panels, we can do anything... picture galleries, friendslists,... can all be displayed together with the content profile. Without any coding! Greetings!

Hi I need to have a contact data in user profile. Because there can be several contacts I've created a node Contact and want to have reference to this node in the profile. I installed Content Profile and CCK. Then I added to Profile content type the Nodereference field. I expected node Contact to appear on form of creation the Profile node. But nothing has happened. I'm a very newbie in Drupal so I'm not sure I correctly understand meaning of Nodereference content type. Could you direct me in a right way? :-) Thank you

Preeti (not verified)

Tue, 08/23/2011 - 06:55

I am using content profile and i have two problems- 1st:- I am working on a site in which there is two type of user- 'Company' and 'Consultant'. I am using content profile and auto assign role for this. in the registration of consultant i have a field to select main area and sub area (for ex-Science and Technology[as Main Area] and Biology and medicine[as Sub Area]). I want to use Hierarchical select but I am doing something wrong so it is not working. So please either tell me the steps of Hierarchical Select or suggest me another module for this. 2nd:- I want to upload logo but i can't resize the image. image is displaying in full size. when i am using imagecache and imagefield module it creates a folder in files but it is not resizing the picture and it is not uploading the picture in imagecache folder. it upload the images in imagefield_thumbs folder so it is unable to display in view of user profile. Please help.