separated modules into own projects

Submitted by fago on Wed, 08/09/2006 - 15:18
I've separated the modules into own projects, as they are not only for nodeprofiles useful. Now there are the following drupal projects: Node Profile Node Family Views Fusion Pageroute I decided to keep the usernode module with the nodeprofile module for now, because I think it's main use will be nodeprofiles. However if the views_profile implementation gos ahead, it might make sense to create an own project for it too. I've also updated the documentation, so that people find the modules. So what's missing now? Except from further docs I'll plan to improve the pageroute module further. I'll create a possibilty to enable buttons at the top of the pages of a route, which lets user jump some pages ahead - useful if the user goes through his profile another time. Then I'll look into creating a (pageroute) page type, which allows creating multiple nodes from one content type. Existing nodes will be listed at the top and can be edited and deleted through this page.