I provide professional services for Drupal via drunomics:

  • Drupal consulting
    My areas of expertise comprise 
System and Software architecture, EAI / Data integration, Web services, Workflows & Automation, Deployment, Performance and Scalability.
  • Drupal development
    Among others, I've in-depth knowledge about the Form system, Entity system and the Rules module. Check my d.o. profile for a list of Drupal projects I'm involved with.
  • Drupal training
    I've years of experience in site-building and leading a team of Drupal developers. I can help your developers to avoid common pitfalls and get up to speed quickly.

Unrelated to Drupal, I've solid skills in

* Java, PHP, C, Javascript, XML, SQL, RDF, OWL, Sparql, Git, SVN
* Linux, Sysops (Debian, Ubuntu, LAMP, nginx, ..)
* IT Security, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Logics (AnswerSetProgramming, Prolog)
* Information & Knowledge management, Workflow management, Information retrieval

Please use the drunomics contact form to get in touch.

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