making nodefamilies userfriendly: pageroute

Submitted by fago on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 17:01
I've just committed an inital version of the pageroute module. The module can be used to provide an userfriendly way for creating and optional editing several nodes. How the module works This module allows you define a route through various pages. Currently a page can be a normal node view or a node form. It will provide new URLs for all pages and optionally create customizeable back/forward buttons at the bottom of a page, so that users are lead through the route. So you can use the module to create a route which leads users through multiple node creation forms. Further if nodefamily is activated and configured to restrict the number of nodes for each user and the content type to one, then you may use a page with a node-form for editing the existing node of the acutal user of this type. For example this allows you to build a nodeprofile which consists of multiple content types. Then users can easily create and edit their nodes through the same pageroute.