"The Rules Way of Life" at the Drupalcon London

You can find the slides of our presentation of Rules attached to his post.

The presentation has included a demonstration of a "Notifications" feature, what enables users to subscribe to changes of a node. I've also added the feature module we used, so you can use, share and re-mix it as needed.
For the feature module to work you'll need the flag module patch for porting its Rules integration to D7 or just use the code of this sandbox.

There is a video recording showing the slides available at the drupalcon site.

The praesentation slides.459.45 KB
The notification feature.1.32 KB


hey fago,

as i enjoyed your session at drupal con london, I actually wanted to try out this notification feature (also write a how-to blog post, to share a kind of documentation).

at the moment i am stuck, though. it says: "Unkown action "flag_fetch_users_node" as you can see also in this screenshot: http://blog.valderama.net/sites/blog.valderama.net/files/rules_notification.png

I am using a clean d7 install, the flag module from you sandbox, and the dev version of rules.

maybe you have a quick hint? thanks,

seems like i was using the wrong branch of your sandbox project. now i use the new dev of flag, and it works fine.. thx again

yes fortunately, in the meanwhile the Rules integration has been committed to flag. Thus the latest development snapshot of it already includes it! :)

sound quality is very poor; can't distinct a word; please improve, at least for demo part; thks

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